Teaching Kids


Poor Nutrition – Lack of Exercise – Peer Pressure – Bullying – Lack of Motivation

At Martial Arts for Life:

We teach why good nutrition is important and we encourage our students to eat a healthy diet.

We teach our students that martial arts is a lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is being a martial arts athlete who eats healthfully and respects his or her body.

We lead our students through dynamic self defense workouts that improve physical conditioning. 

Each class provides cutting edge principles designed to develop our students into capable and fit martial arts athletes.

We build confidence in our students so they can stand up and say, “no” to negative peer pressure.

We provide training that creates an achievement-oriented culture and a positive peer group for children to participate in.

We teach confidence and self-defense so our students don’t have to be afraid of bullies.

Over the past two decades we have developed a proven system that systematically teaches confidence and develops a high self-concept for youngsters. 

We inspire our students to become enthusiastic and motivated in school. 

We have a structured school success program that tracks and rewards academic progress. We also sharing best practices for students as part of our “Success Course for A+ Grades.”

When your child uses the discipline of Martial Arts to conquer her fears, she has the power to transfer that to all other areas of life. Martial Arts lessons are the best way for your child to develop to a continued feeling of confidence and achievement. 

Katie Travia

Our son has been attending classes at MAFL for over 2 years now. Master B and Mrs. B have been amazing, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our son’s progress. The team is supportive, positive and teach lessons to their students beyond just martial arts skills. We are so grateful for their programs and classes.

Luke Hodges

We have benefitted immensely from Martial Arts for Life for several years now. Our four children have improved their conditioning, poise and confidence under the guidance of Master B, Mrs B and their staff of outstanding young instructors. With a good balance of challenge, encouragement, high standards and a healthy dose of fun, they bring much more to each session than lessons on technique and form. Thank you MAFL!!

Katalin Sarkardei

We love Martial Arts for Life. Mrs. B and Master B are super dedicated to the kids. They are creating a very respectful, helpful and nurturing environment for the kids to learn karate as well as how to be more confident. Love how they know every single kids’ name even from the beginning. My son looks up to all instructors and helpers. Thank you!

Elisa Probst

My son has been attending classes at Martial Arts for Life for over 10 years now. It was the best decision we ever made! Master & Mrs B are not only excellent instructors but also wonderful people. I have watched my son grow as a person physically and mentally. He is, in a large way, who he is because of MAFL. Strong, confident and a leader.

Shannon O'Reilly

Martial Arts for Life is simply amazing! Master & Mrs. B have created an incredibly warm and engaging atmosphere for my son to learn. We have been fortunate enough to be part of the Martial Arts for Life family for over three years and my son still runs into class excited to learn, excited to challenge himself & excited to grow!

Emma A.

Our experience at MAFL has truly been amazing. Master B. has a wonderful way with the kids. He commands respect while also showing the students respect and kindness. Both my boys have been at MAFL for four years and are still very engaged and interested in progressing further, just recently having achieved their black belts. They look forward to going to each session, and certainly Master B., Mrs. B, and the dedicated student teachers have made it well worth it! Highly recommend it.

Ali Solomon

Both of my children grew up with Master and Mrs. B. We could not be more grateful! Master and Mrs. B. are excellent role models and have a talent for bringing people together and bringing out the best in their students. Pizza nights, 5k’s, town events, busy week night practices, and of course graduations helped our kids build confidence and character. One of the best decisions we made!

Sal Perniola
MAFL is an amazing place. Both Master & Mrs. B are excellent instructors. My two children are students, and I too attend the adult classes. MAFL is a positive environment which allows for a great workout. Everyone is motivated to do their best, both in class and in their personal lives. I’ve been involved with martial arts for a good portion of my life, and MAFL is by far the best experience!
Kelly Broedlin

Martial Arts for life is fantastic. My son started there about 3 years ago. He has learned so much and has gained confidence in himself. Master and Mrs.B provide all of their students with a wonderful learning environment both in person and over Zoom. I was truly amazed at how they quickly transitioned to an online format this past spring to accommodate the stay at home orders. My son continued his training twice a week online and continued to learn at the same pace as before the pandemic hit. The studio is now open again and my son has returned to in person classes. He is absolutely thrilled to be back In person and continuing on his journey to be becoming a black belt. I highly recommend Martial Arts for Life!


Yes. Focus is essential to the study of martial arts and we teach all of our students to follow our 3 rules of focus and concentration: Focus your eyes, focus your mind, and focus your body.

We teach all of our students that martial arts begins and ends with respect. Each class begins with students and instructors bowing to each other as a sign of mutual trust and respect. Respect for self and others is a cornerstone of our program.

We recommend students attend an average of 8 classes per month or about twice per week in order to fully benefit from their training.

No. We teach a complete system of self-defense to our students and part of that is learning how to de-escalate confrontations and avoid fighting whenever possible. Through proper training students learn how to control their emotions such as anger and frustration instead of lashing out or becoming aggressive.

We teach a blended martial arts style which incorporates techniques from American Freestyle Karate, Muay Thai kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts and reality-based self-defense. Apart from the physical, our school is a community of like-minded individuals and families that value traits such as honor, respect, integrity, perseverance and high moral code.

Virtual Karate Berkeley Heights NJ
Martial Arts for Life has been proudly serving Berkeley Heights, NJ residents since 2005!

If you are a Berkeley Heights resident searching for a Karate Dojo, you have come to the right place! Martial Arts for Life has many families from Berkeley Heights that are happily involved with our martial arts program. While our program promotes traditional teachings such as respect, courtesy, self-control and self-discipline, we teach a cutting-edge, age-appropriate physical curriculum that is designed with our students and their progress in mind. If you would like more information about our martial arts programs, you can reach us at 908.464.2836 or enter your name and e-mail and you will get immediate access to our beginner class schedule, plus our “10 Tips For A Health Lifestyle” guide for kids and a digital copy of our “Parent’s Guide To Family Safety.” 

We are centrally located on Springfield Ave. in New Providence. We are in the Starbucks / Chipotle shopping center next to AT&T Wireless. This only about 2 miles from downtown Berkeley Heights!

our Address

The Village Shopping Center: 1260 Springfield Ave. New Providence, NJ

(908) 464-2836

Looking for Karate classes near Berkeley Heights? Please call us to set up a complimentary introductory lesson for your child.